commercial work

I was a designer and art director in the Bay Area for a dozen years, designing for web, print, and large-format screens for corporate events. Clients included Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, and FLAX art & design. I continue to do design work on a freelance basis – my strength is visual storytelling, working with clients to distill their message into a clear visual narrative. Below is a small sampling of my work.

 Cisco Live! Opener. For producer Patrick Donohew, I created an animation for three large screens, to accompany a Cirque-style performance to open the Cisco corporate event in Las Vegas.

And here is the “raw” animation, without the inset video windows:

Herring on Hollywood Opener. An opening video for Red Herring Magazine’s “Herring on Hollywood” conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, which brought together professionals from both entertainment and online industries. I was also the lead designer for the large-format screens for the show, and helped run the screens for the live event.

FLAX redesign. For the design and interactive firm Groove 11, I art-directed a redesign of Flax Art & Design’s print catalog and website, working with a talented team of coders and print and web designers. Flax wanted a complete overhaul of their “look,” desiring a more design-oriented, and less “arts and crafts” feel. We updated their commerce system and introduced interactive “art project” modules to their website. After the launch of the new design, increased average order value by 12%. The website was an honoree for the 2006 Webby awards.

Arts Education Demonstration Project Ning. Using the Ning social network platform, I worked with the Marin Community Foundation to develop an online learning resource for their Arts Education Demonstration Project, launched in 2011. I worked on design, structure and content development, including editing assistance on several videos that documented successful Arts Education units.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.01.44 AM

Great Trango Tower Website. For Quokka Sports, a genuine pioneer in web design. At Quokka, I designed web media to create engaging, immersive experiences for the Around Alone sailing race, and the climbing ascent of Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. I had the opportunity to work alongside many extraordinary designers, including Eric Rodenbeck and Josh Ulm, who gave me a crash course in the ways image, text and data can be used together to tell a story.


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