She’d Hallucinate Ghosts

Drawings and Projections, at the Tahoe Gallery, 2008.

The exhibition traced the contours of a mind that’s in the process of failing. There were multiple images of a frail old woman, sometimes surrounded by visions that don’t quite correspond to the reality around her. Two large-format drawings were “colored in” by digital projections, which included brief animations that provided missing elements of the drawings themselves. The old woman’s hallucinations of ghosts, and of improbable visitations by gatherings of birds, alternately seem to comfort her, and to provide her an index for her deterioration.


Google Drawings

Drawings on vellum, layered between sheets of plexiglass and illuminated from behind by lightbulbs, at the Pence Gallery, as part of the TB9 and the Fiction Factory exhibition, 2006.

The layered images were drawn from Google image searches. Each composite drawing was organized around the first page of results returned from a search for a particular word – for example, “dead,” or “self-portrait.” The work was partly an attempt to pull the digital flow of information back into the realm of the hand-made, and partly an attempt to discern the outlines of the new alphabet that could potentially emerge from the act of yoking images to words through search algorithms.