Month: September 2014

The Adventures of Romanov

Animation, featured on, 2000-2001.

A series of 24 web episodes produced by WildBrain, each lasting roughly two minutes, scored by Ralph Carney. Romanov is a hapless protagonist with an ironed-out yin-yang symbol for a face. He routinely gets tripped up by a universe where metaphors tend to take on concrete existence. Episodes were screened at the Sundance Festival, RESfest, and won first place for Internet Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2000.

A profile of Romanov, by Jeanne Carstensen, can be found at


Romanov: Scarf Mania

The second animated Romanov cartoon, with music by Ralph Carney. Funded by a Film Arts Foundation grant; an official selection of the Sundance Festival in their online category, 2001. I wrote an illustrated article for Animation World Network about my experience at Sundance here.